Omega Food B.V.

Omega Food is a Dutch company focused on producing, grading and packing fresh shell eggs, which are sold all over the world. We offer a wide variety of eggs and egg related products, which are adapted to the specific demands of our international customers.

Melkweg Holland B.V.

Melkweg is an international trading company specialising in dairy commodities for industrial uses. We comply with the highest quality standards and are active throughout Europe and worldwide.

Bettinehoeve B.V.

Sinds 1982 maakt de Bettinehoeve uit liefde voor het ambachtelijke kaasmakersvak de allerlekkerste geitenkazen. Met z’n heerlijk milde smaak heeft Bettine dat unieke Hollandse karakter.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

We bring you the best of milk! Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods produce milk powders for the international consumer, and dairy ingredients for the food industry. We have full control over the dairy value chain. Our milk powders are found in A-brand dairy products, ice cream, bread, chocolate, biscuits and sweets for example. 

Hoogwegt Group

Hoogwegt Group is an independent global dairy supplier, active in all major dairy producing and consuming markets. We provide excellence across the board for the food industry, in terms of product quality, logistics services, market intelligence and risk management solutions.

Vergeer Holland

To put it in a few words, we don’t make cheese but we are a dutch cheese company. We are specialists in maturing, slicing and packaging cheese for our customers in the Netherlands and abroad. We are a cheese supplier.

Veldhuyzen Kaas B.V.

Veldhuyzen Kaas, established in 1884, has grown from a local trader to a global exporter of a complete and unique assortment of Dutch cheese specialties.

Vandersterre Holland B.V.

Vandersterre Groep is a wholesaler, brand distributor, exporter, service provider and packager of Dutch cheese specialty products, some of which we produce ourselves.

Unilac Holland B.V.

Unilac Holland is een uniek en onafhankelijk Nederlands zuivelbedrijf, gespecialiseerd in de export van Europese kaas, boter en melkproducten. Onze producten, zowel eigen merken, merken van producenten als private labels, zijn afkomstig uit alle Europese ‘zuivellanden’ en worden geëxporteerd naar alle continenten. We leveren aan hyper- en supermarkten, grootwinkelbedrijven, grootverbruikers, (horeca)groothandels, cateringbedrijven, shipchandlers, cruiseschepen, exporteurs en importeurs.

Triscom B.V.

Triscom Holland has been established in 1993. We produce infant formula and dietetic milk powders. Since the start we have been rapidly expanding our activities and products. Triscom Holland is the world-wide supplier of nutritionally based milk powder formulations for infants, young children, adults and special target groups. We sell our products in many countries worldwide.