Vandersterre Holland B.V.

Vandersterre Groep is a wholesaler, brand distributor, exporter, service provider and packager of Dutch cheese specialty products, some of which we produce ourselves.

Much has changed during the rich history of Vandersterre Groep. From what was once a traditional cheese store, Vandersterre Groep Bedrijven B.V. has now grown into a company active both nationally and internationally, which combines the strengths of three different specialized business units. Thanks to the diversity of products and services and the added value that Vandersterre Groep provides through these, we occupy a key position in the logistics chain.

Our success lies in differentiating ourselves by being creative and innovative; in short, by adding value into the activities we perform: producing, refining (storing and maturing), packaging and marketing high-quality cheese.

Although we fulfill a significant role in the market, we remain no-nonsense, flexible, straight-forward, honest and open, which typifies our culture and can be seen in our business premises facilities. Partnership is central to us, in terms of both our customers and suppliers. Open and honest communication and mutual respect for one other and each other’s wishes and goals, in order to jointly achieve the very best results providing continuity for both parties, now as well as in the future.

At the core of our operation and way of thinking is a passion for cheese. This is because you sell cheese not just using your head, but above all with your heart. People and cheese are the two most important aspects to Vandersterre Groep, as is reflected in our logo. Tradition, the love of hand-crafted cheese products and our employees’ enthusiasm are what we are eager to share with our partners.

Dairy products, eggs

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