Cebag B.V.

Vegetable oils and fats are currently finding their way to all corners of the world, on five different continents. Cebag – young and driven for the past 35 years – mainly deals with trading products.

It exports around 20 types of oils, vinegar, mustard, margarine and mayonnaise on a large scale to varied markets that include the manufacturing industry, the hotel and restaurant industry, consumers (including baby food), animal feed industry, pet food, catering industry, and, most recently, the bio fuel market and organic fertilizer and it’s petfood line Canifors®.

Cebag B.V., well-known for exporting Coroli®, one of the most celebrated brands of consumer oil in the world of export. Cebag has definitely won its spurs in the world of export combined with an excellent service.

oils, fats, mayonnaise, lemon juice, mustard, ketchup

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