Casa Oilio Sperlonga S.P.A.

For the past century, sperlonga’s family has been continuously devoted to the olive industry – from the orchard to the production of “state of the art” extra virgin olive oil.

Today we are operating in a new and changing global olive oil world. In order to achieve continued excellence, we too have gone global. We evaluate growing territories and carefully select varieties through a process of tasting and quality evaluation. We check all goods before commencing production, manage the oil filtration and blending process, then submit the final product to rigorous quality control.
But we don’t stop there! We are creating synergies with importers and distributors to provide faster and greater supply of superiour products and services. For example, our “just in time” delivery reduces inventory costs. And our private label cooperates with distribution companies worldwide by providing commercially promising products based on an in-depth analysis of consumer demands.
In 2004, on the wave of its worldwide commercial success, sperlonga’s family changed the company’s organization to the shareholders company “Casa Oilio Sperlonga S.p.A.”

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