Beemster Cheese

At Beemster Cheese we are committed to make the best cheese of the world. Natural, premium cheese: delicious, creamy and of the finest quality. How do we do that?

• The cows graze on the pastures that grow on the special blue sea clay soil of this area, the Beemster polder.This soil is very rich in minerals which makes the milk smoother and sweeter

• under the guidance of our Master Cheesemakers, using a special, secret recipe

• handcrafted, using traditional artisan techniques. Wheel by wheel

• Beemster is the only dairy using traditional open drainage containers

• by aging the Beemster cheeses in historic warehouses on wooden boards, under natural conditions, in order to reach the award winning Beemster taste

• every week our Master Cheesemakers congregate to taste and rate our cheeses

• The result: Beemster cheeses win more than frequently gold medals in International competitions.


We exhibit(ed) at:


Rijperweg 20
1464 MB  Westbeemster
The Netherlands

+31 299689200