Alpha Group of Companies

Founded in the Netherlands in 1976, the Alpha Group of Companies has grown into one of the leading international trading enterprises in dairy products as well as other food products. While the products for industrial use, like milk powder, butter, cheese and eggs, still account for a major part of our business, products for household use, like branded consumer packaging, are becoming increasingly important.

Our Group comprises of the following companies

• Alpha Milkpowders Holland : specialized in milk powders and dry milk derivatives.
• Alpha Trading Company : specialized in butter, butter oil (AMF) and cheese.
• Alpha Food Products : specialized in fresh consumption eggs and other
non-dairy food items (like fresh fruits).
• Alpha Shipping & Forwarding : specialized in road transport, sea freight
and storage.
• Alpha Nutrition : specialized in various types of whey protein concentrate (WPC),
whey protein isolate (WPI), pharma grade lactose & direct compressible (DC)
lactose, infant formula & sweeteners from the stevia plant.

We offer a complete range of products. Please click here to take a look at our brochure.

– Active for more than 40 years in dairy business !
– Trading with about 150 countries all over the world
– Supplying products for industrial & consumer use
– Fully-geared to handle all developments within the ever-changing
global dairy market

– Familiar with the tastes & preferences of various countries
– Possibilities to develop private labels / brands
– Fully aware of all documentary & quality requirements of almost every country
in the world

Products, packaging, pricing, transport, storage, financing and 
-last but not least- service; all in one hand, our hand, your reliable partner 
since 1976.

fresh egs for direct consumption, milkpowders for retail (package)

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Mr. van Coothstraat 9
The Netherlands

+31 416 330345

+31 416331145