Sweetlife Rivo Mints

Over the past 20 years, SweetLife AG has grown to a 350 person strong organization with sales accross the globe. Applying the highest Swiss standards to both production and service, we serve an increasing number of satisfied consumers and major retailers in more than 30 countries.

We make a great team. Our dedication to customer delight and short communication lines ensure an agile, high quality and value oriented organization that is fired up to benefit your business.

We strongly believe that we can build a better future for us and our clients by working closely together. Zooming in on our clients needs, cooperating in finding new ways to create and seize opportunities. Building long-standing relationships as a solid foundation for mutual benefit.

We’re different, with the purpose of offering our consumers new and exciting experiences. Innovation is a starting point both in production and service, rendering attractive business propositions and fruitful partnerships.

Swiss quality is synonymous with finest ingredients, superior fabrication and meticulous attention to detail. We not only apply it to our products, but to our company as a whole. From our raw materials all the way up to our smiling customers. And everywhere in between.

Our in-house conception, design and production makes us second to none where it comes to highly customized solutions and short delivery times, while maintaining competitive prices. Working together, creating competitive edges for our clients.

Making people happy is all about exceeding expectations by default. By working as a team, focused on quality, reliability and reassuring our customers that everything is possible.

SweetLife has offices in 5 countries in support of our local distributors and clients. More than mere sales desks, the local branches are the starting point for many tailor-made products and packaging for specific tastes and markets.


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Atoomweg 99
The Netherlands

+31 30 2515052

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