Hoba B.V.

HOBA b.v. was founded in 1965 and is a specialized manufacturer of bread slicers, bagloaders and bag closing machines for the (semi-) industrial bakery.

HOBA started in the market with all kind of service for the bakery industry and soon followed with the production of the first bagblower for quick and efficient opening of the bags on a wicket. With the sales of the bagblower the request from the customer came to first slice the bread before pack it into a premade plastic bag. During 1983 HOBA developed a bread slicer with a reciprocating frame to be able to slice different types of bread soon followed by the bandblade slicer.

In 1984 HOBA started the manufacturing of a closing system with the well-known Lok type of closure followed by the clipband closing system. With the developing of the bagloader packing system 2 years later we were able to provide a complete solution for a slice- and packing line.

Breadslicer, Packaging, Closing

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