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GNT is the leading global manufacturer of cutting edge food and beverage ingredients made exclusively from fruits, vegetables and edible plants. With a focus on natural color solutions, GNT stands as the industry authority, providing innovative color solutions to the world’s most demanded food and beverage brands.

Founded in 1978 in Aachen, Germany, GNT has always remained a family run company. This independence has resulted in a long-term focus in three key areas:  growing high quality raw materials, optimizing our physical processing technology and application know-how. A devotion to providing our customers with the highest quality ingredients and solutions has always been GNT’s driving force. With this in mind, GNT continues to offer innovative and versatile solutions that are so crucial to the rapidly developing global food and beverage industry.
The GNT Group operates worldwide with various facilities around the globe including: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Brazil and the United States.

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