Farm Frites International B.V.

Farm Frites was founded in 1971, built on sound rural values such as purity, authenticity, family and agricultural ability. We care for the natural environment and the communities around us, and strive to serve the interests of customers, consumers, farmers, employees and neighbours.

For over 45 years we have invested in development, breeding, selection, processing and packaging of potato products and today are proud to be world experts. We are driven by the philosophy that quality always comes first and that a delighted customer is our best ambassador.

The next decade is about maintaining the agility which is precious to us as a family company and has resulted in quick decision-making and entrepreneurial flair. However, with our success and growth comes the need for increasing efficiency, and it is these two attributes, agility and efficiency, that we must carefully balance in the future, to the benefit of all our stakeholders. While proud of our independence and family spirit, we are determined to pursue a long-term vision and to execute this to the best of our ability. We will continue to demonstrate our dedication as we deliver our 2025 strategy, and build on our position as a truly global player.

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