Dutch Protein & Services

Based in The Netherlands, Dutch Protein & Services is a family-owned company with more than 50 years’ experience as a supplier of functional ingredients in the food industry. Our company’s success is built on products, service and know-how; it is our knowledge of both our own and your products and processes that enables DP&S to deliver an excellent level of customer service.


Customers both at home and abroad can rely on our ‘Dutch approach’. As a family-owned company, we live up to our promises, guarantee the utmost discretion and operate within a flat hierarchy to optimise decision-making and flexibility. At DP&S, we strive to achieve autonomous growth by helping to improve our customers’ market positions. In line with our international scope, we monitor the trends and developments throughout the global food industry in order to advise you on how to capitalise on current or future consumer demands at regional, national and/or global level.

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Sir Rowland Hillstraat 3
4004 JT  TIEL
The Netherlands

+31 344677677